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Preschool Programs

Three-Day Preschool classes meet Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 8:45-11:15 or 12:45-3:15. Three-day classes are comprised of twelve children and two teachers.

Four-Day Preschool classes meet Monday through Thursday 8:4511:15 or 12:45-3:15. Four-day classes are comprised of fifteen children with two teachers.

Mixed Age

All our preschool classes are mixed age. Most human activities involve a cycle in which a beginner learns necessary skills, perfects them through use, and hones them through mentorship. The mixed age classroom offers the opportunity for children to move through all levels of this cycle, has great potential to support children’s social and emotional learning, and allows educators to really see children as individuals and meet their differing needs.

Handwriting Without Tears

Employed weekly in our classrooms, HWT is a multisensory, developmental approach to teaching children prewriting and writing skills. The HWT program provides consistent language for describing letter formation, presents letters in a developmentally appropriate order, promotes fine motor skills in letter construction, and employs a multi-sensory approach which appeals to a variety of learning styles.